Are you looking for a plumbing contractor on the Eastern Shore? Look no further than Complete Systems! We are local expert plumbers who have 20 years of experience in new construction plumbing services and installations.

Whether it is residential, commercial, or industrial, we can handle all your plumbing needs. As a full-service plumber, we can offer plumbing services from simple to complex.

New Commercial and Residential Buildings

Regardless of if you’re constructing a new commercial, industrial, or residential property, we’re here for you. At Complete Systems, we have the tools and experience to install all your new construction plumbing.
We’re the best contractor for plumbing on the Eastern Shore and have been in the business for 20 years, so you know we have the skills and knowledge to get the job done right the first time around. We’re a full-service plumber, so no matter what your plumbing needs are for new construction, we have you covered.

Home Additions

We’re also equipped to install plumbing for home additions. Whether you’re adding another bathroom or several bedrooms to your home, we are up for the task. Trust us with plumbing and electrical installations for your new home addition. We’ll ensure that your new addition works smoothly with the rest of your home.

Plumbing and Leak Repairs

In addition to new plumbing construction, we also offer plumbing repairs, including leak repairs. If you’re having any issues with your plumbing, give us a call to help solve the problem.

We’ll inspect your pipes, find the damaged pipe in your plumbing system, and repair it. Keep in mind that the longer you go with a burst pipe, the more damage it will inflict upon your property. Schedule us to visit your commercial or residential property right away, which will save you time and money in the long run. Our dedicated team can fix any leak, no matter the size!

Other Services

We also offer many other services to give you a one-stop-shop for any construction needs you might have. At Complete Systems, we have electrical, energy, and plumbing services, which include installing ceiling fans, water heaters, security systems, media rooms, and more.

Contact Us Today

If you need plumbing, electrical, or energy services in Salisbury, Maryland, call us today for help. We also service the surrounding areas in Maryland and Delaware. At Complete Systems, our team of experienced and dedicated workers is eager to meet your needs. Contact us today for outstanding service.